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Der findes ingen tilgængelige oversættelser.

An operator, is faced with several strategic challenges in this age of convergence. Should he focus on infrastructure, i.e. ‘providing the pipes’, or should he be involved in services and content? Which path will lead to sustainable growth for an operator? Must an operator be able to deliver any telecom oriented product or would he be better off specializing in e.g. mobility?
An enterprise, faces no fewer challenges, however they are of a different kind. The enterprise is under bombardment from different telecom and network providers who wants to offer telecom, network and security products. Often, the enterprise ends up buying services and system components from different vendors with some amount of finger-pointing involved when the components does not work as a system. It is precisely in the area of system and process optimization the strategy chosen can make a huge difference to an enterprise. 

There are no simple answers
; however being able to discuss the issues and choices with an independent party with no other agenda than assisting you in finding the strategy that is best for your particular situation, is what Comtico can offer.

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